Riding the insurance protection wave


There’s nothing gnarly about damaging one’s prized surfboard, as surfers well know the sinking feeling of a massive ding in the fragile fiberglass of an already expensive board that’s been with you through those choppy waters.

Thank you, coral, rock, neighboring surfer.

Surfer magazine this week filed the notion of surfboard insurance in the Why Didn’t I Think of That Department, featuring the “win-win” insurance startup Surfcare: a $144-a-year product that saves your often sentimental and cherished, $500 to $1,000 board from the distressing and expensive-to-repair dings and gashes.

“We created Surfcare off that feeling that you get when you break your favorite board on the first session while it’s pumping,” insurance company founder Nick Stolz told the magazine. “It’s always been our goal to help people surf happier and to eliminate some of that bad, board-break feeling.”

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