The insurance industry wants you


Looking for a stable job? Ever considered the insurance industry? If you moved to the beach during the pandemic and the idea of commuting to the office five days a week doesn’t appeal, a job in insurance may be the answer.

According to the findings of a survey released Tuesday by, insurance industry hiring is at record levels, with 95% of insurers looking to hire at least one person in 2022.

Even better, the fight for talent means insurers appear to be more readily embracing work from home, with 21% having some form of hybrid work model post-COVID, versus only 12% pre-COVID. Many also plan on creating a formal work life experience as part of their recruiting package, the survey of 59 insurance employers found.

And negotiating a higher salary should also be possible as “many companies will have a hard time competing if they can’t aggressively expand their salary bands and provide at least a hybrid work opportunity,” according to Roger Lear, co-founder of

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